Obviously, right? But I always wanted to play, too. For as long as I can remember, I have imagined the feeling of performing and connecting with others in a band, on stage. I thought that must feel amazing.


       But years passed, like they always do, and it remained a fantasy. I did other stuff: went to college, worked in radio, had a boutique for a while, had kids, all that. Then, at 38 years old, some girlfriends were learning instruments and asked me to step in on guitar. I didn't play guitar. Like, at all.

       And I was 100% petrified to sing in front of anyone.


       Together, though, we founded a cover band called The Cover Girls. Before we knew it, and not caring if we were ready or not, we dove in and mustered up the courage to play in public. We played classic Austin venues packed with our friends, corporate gigs with the likes of Bon Jovi, Maroon5, Bret Michaels, LMFAO and Ke$ha, and practiced as much as we could. I was cramming to learn guitar solos from classic 80's hits. Life had completely changed. I mean, what?!


       It was a blast. Yet as time passed, I started to need more. Singing someone else's words wasn't enough for me. I wanted to become an original band, to speak to others like myself, to be honest and real and play what rang true to my heart and my soul.


       So now, three years later and 41, here I am--realizing that people are constantly reinventing themselves. So why not? As of now, I have written and recorded a 5-song solo EP that I’m super excited to release January 2014!! And I am looking forward to writing and learning so much more.


       With my two little girls witnessing all this, I hope to show them that girls can be and do anything, at any stage of life. Hopefully too I’ll set an example through practice and work. My husband Kevin helps me with lyrics when I get stuck and always pushes me to go for it. I count myself very lucky to have him.


       I love people, I love women, I love LOVE!, I love music, art, life, family ...all of it! I love and respect the boldness of so many women I meet and I see who just get out there and do it. So here's to getting out there and doing it, and thanks for taking the time to come here! Please feel free to contact me anytime, love to hear your feedback!





I love music.
Don’t miss this highly anticipated debut release by AMY EDWARDS, GHOSTS & SAINTS.

"A talent to watch" (4.5 out of 5 stars) - G.W. Hill, Music Street Journal


"An intelligent recording of musical ingeniousness" (5 out of 5 stars) - Matthew Forss


"Utterly compelling" (4 out of 5 stars) - Nick DeRiso, Something Else Reviews


Title: Ghosts & Saints

Genre: Rock Music/Alternative Pop-Rock

Released: January 14, 2014


℗ 2014 Westover Manor Productions / Amy Edwards Entertainment

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